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As the complexity of technology explodes, smaller companies need help:

   "Our competitors' processes are automated but ours are not and we have a growing disadvantage. How do we proceed without wasting money?"

   "Our software is getting less useful and more costly. New packages offer promise but are expensive with unclear risks. Which is best value for the long term? Is the only choice to throw out the old and pay for the new?"

Smaller companies often cannot afford staff providing Chief Information Officer (CIO) management, systems design, and IT project management. and software systems' integration:

   "We don't really have anyone in our organization who can run a complex software project with any high assurance of success. Can you recommend someone qualified?"

   "We've had successes automating many of our processes, but the software applications are disconnected, require too many passwords, and the expense of maintaining them is rising. What can we do to turn around this rising total cost of ownership?"

   "We are moving data from one system to another manually, on a daily basis and the data for same accounts in different systems is inconsistent and getting worse. HELP!"

These realities can compromise cost control, efficient managerial oversight, and successful business outcomes. Millar Consultants, LLC can deliver resources, expertise, and advanced integration technologies that are surprisingly affordable for your business.

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